About this book

Cars, cars and cars

Thinking of Cuba, one thinks of music, cigars, sand and sunshine. And of course American classic cars. For the interested traveller the Caribbean island of Cuba has much more to offer, but that’s not what this book is about! This book speaks of cars, cars and cars. Immediately after leaving the airport you’ll see loads of vintage wheels. It’s like stepping back in time. In all excitement you may respond with a lot of ‘oh’ and ‘ah’.

Historic moment

The publication of this book appears to take place at a salient moment in Cuban history. At November the 26th 2016 Fidel Castro passed away at the age of 90. It's also the year in which Raúl Castro and Barack Obama shake hands during the first time in almost ninety years that an American president visits Cuba. May this step contribute to a cooperation with new opportunities for Cubans to restore their historic Cuban style American icons.

Diagnostic features

Of course you can enjoy the fun of just looking at them. But no doubt your curiosity will get triggered and you must know which car exactly it is that you see. This book provides you with the necessary knowledge to distinguish an Oldsmobile 88 from a Pontiac Chieftain. You’ll start to recognize the different brands and types. Download the free checklist to keep track of your sightings and focus on what you haven't seen yet.

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